Getting my little hi fi repaired...


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This probably isn't the type of hardware you guys are used to dealing with but I thought I'd post here anyway :)

Basically does anyone know where I can get my little micro hi fi repaired? I think I've basically buggered up the amplifier's left side speaker output. I'm not really sure how to fully explain it but, the highs don't sound very good and almost sort of "flicker" on and off, definetely something wrong.

Speakers are both fine, but I think I've damaged the main unit from turning it up too much from a low level input.

Here's the manual

Any ideas, how much it would be to repair?

Many thanks.


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I wouldsay not far off the cost of buying a new one. Parts are cheap but labour is expensive so unless you have a friend with good knowledge of electronics I would suggest not wasting your time, effort and money and look to getting a replacement.


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Got to go with the replace option. I thought that I had B*gg***d my Denon 250 amp a month ago (but was only a speaker cable problem) and my local Hifi retailer & repairer refused to contemplate a repair on a £1100 (in the day) component system. Bite the bullet.

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