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Getting my diet / eating habits right


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ok, I turn 43 in may and I’m quite proud to say I’m probably in the best shape and fitness I’ve been in my life. Ok, that’s not saying a huge amount as I’m stil 5ft9 and 14 stone but that’s possibly the best weight I’ve been since I left school and have lost 2” off my waist and chest in last 12 months

It’s a lot down to eating better. I’m not dieting just cut out crap. It’s been “easier” as I’ve been out of work form6 months so I can control my food better. However I hope to start a new job in coming month or so and will need to return to taking a packed lunch to work.

Now I love a good sandwich, but I’ve not really ate bread for months. Going from maybe 4 to 6 slices a day to maybe 2 a fortnight.

Also I have a few dietary “issues” so need something that fills me up for breakfast
I have been having porridge but find, like the bread, it bloats me

I need more fibre in diet. Weetabix really upsets my stomach, but strangely (as I assume they are the same thing) shredded wheat does not


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Re: bread, try the Hovis Wholemeal medium/thick sliced. We cut out the Warburtons White Toastie crap around a year ago and replaced this with the Hovis Wholemeal and feel far better. We still have white bread, but very very occasionally.


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Cheers. Tried various breads, white, brown, whole meal, half and half, funny enough the whovis wholemeal tends to me my go to if I have to have bread

As much as I like it though it doesn’t agree with me

Had ibs since a teenager and bread really is a trigger food

The strange thing is, somis weetabix, but I’m fine with shredded wheat.
Cornflakes are another cereal that sets me off


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For IBS, have you ever tried probiotic tablets? I know a family member who suffers from IBS and after taking probiotics he feels a lot better so has incorporated them into his daily diet. Due to the rip off costs, I would stay away from probiotic yogurts, drinks etc as its far more cheaper/convenient to use a daily probiotic tablet such as this. Obviously speak to your GP first before trying anything new.



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We have this for breakfast most days.
Has a few different names.
Bircher, overnight soaked oats.
3 table spoons of porridge oats
1 table spoon sunflower seeds
1 table spoon chai seeds
1 table spoon miller flaxseed
Soaked in milk overnight in the fridge and 2 tablespoons of muesli on top when about to eat.
High in protein, good carbs, good fats, keeps me full for hours and taste good. I make it in the evening and take it to work in Tupperware for the morning.
Funny forget to put the same preparation into your main meal and snacks too, don't leave it to chance or its too easy to make rash, bad decisions about food. And don't forget a couple of litres of water!

Egg White

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going back to water - I drink 3 pints at work, and I wasn't able to do that first off and took a few months to build up to that..

and I normally buy a lemon and put a slice in that lemon lasts me 5 working days (I used a pint glass too)...

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