Getting 'Mode not recognised' over HDMI in Samsung TX120R


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I am not sure wher to post this as I can't tell if the issue is with the PS3, the Samsung TX120R all in one DVD/amp...or me:rotfl:

I got a new Sammy TV and the 120R all in one today and have hooked up the PS3 into the HDMI in using a 1.3 capable HDMI lead. then have another 1.3 lead from the 120R into the the Samsung M87 tv.

The PS3 is set to 1080p and the 120R and M87 have also been set to accept and output 1080p (as they are both 1080).....but I am getting 'Mode not recognised' on the screen from the 120 when I switch to the HDMI input:confused:

I have plugged the PS3 straight into the tv and that shows the 1080p picture straight away but there is nothing from the all in one:(

I dont have my interent connection sorted in my apartment so have not been able to update the PS3 yet (only got it a couple of weeks ago) so could it be something to do with that?

Any help, or if this needs moving to another forum, is greatly appreciated.


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I had this problem when I hooked up the PS3 to the plasma. I then took it from there and put it through the LCD and it wouldnt work on any of them. So had to plug it into my daughter's LCD and reset the settings so that the PS3 was just working at its lowest setting via component.

Then took PS3 and plugged it into the other TVS and I was then able to at least get a display and just had to set up the display options again.

Bit of an arseache but no longer get the message.

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