Getting light scratches of the ps3 case ?


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As above really, a mate has managed to scuff his ps3, any ideas how to get them off ?

its like light scratches on the shinney blackness.


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I think you'll always get some scuffs on it no matter how much you look after it. As long as its not really noticeable, Id just leave it


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I don't think there is any way to get rid of them.


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isnt it made from perspex/acrylic ?
if so then the only real way would be to blow torch polish it
i would just leave it if i were you :thumbsup:


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will tell him that. it looks like loads of litle scratches on the top of it when its sat down, at the top of the curve, like it was brushed with a steel brush or somthing. No idea how he done it. :oops:


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I've never tried it - but some people swear by using toothpaste on TV screens to repair slight scratches.

Not sure if extra gum protection is needed though :D


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make some bigger scratches next to the small scratches,then you won't notice the small scratches

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