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getting hot...


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My son's SGS2 has started getting hot during use and the battery life has dipped!
Have done a quick search but can't seem to find anything definitive on the matter.
Have any of you seen/fixed this problem?


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Almost all phones will get warm/hot after prolongued use, that's where the whole radiation-holding-hot-phone-to-you-head fuss came from quickly followed by the mad dash to use handsfree instead.

The S2 has a very nice slimline case so it's even more noticeable. Have you used the battery chart thing to see what's eating up the cycles? What brightness do you have the screen set to? Is auto dimming on? Anything running in the background?

You might also just have a battery that's worn out, how long have you had the handset? You could also try something like the Battery Spy app to reset the battery calibration levels.


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I can do nothing either. The battery ran out very fast and the phone got hot =( I just had to have charger all the time.


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Had the same happen on my SGS2 last night, listening to music via Bluetooth, and have done this many times before without problems, but last night went from full battery to 30% in 90 minutes.

I have experienced this before with another Android device (Sony X8) the circuitry (not the battery) gets very hot and the battery appears to drain rapidly. Im pretty sure its not the battery itself but more the phone doing something.

To cure this I removed the battery and replaced it, I then charged it with my emergency Duracell charger and it then ran cool and ok for the remainder of the night (im a night shift worker).

I believe by taking the battery out and replacing it, you actually force a hard reset of all circuits and components in the phone, and it seems to stop the overheat/rapid discharge problem. This also seemed to work with the x8.

It has nothing to do with the casings, the x8 would do it without any additional case, my S2 is otterbox defender protected. My personal opinion is that this is a "feature" of the Android software, and not a hardware problem.

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