Getting Dolby Atmos working on Netflix (UK) - success!


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I have seen loads of threads discussing difficulties getting Dolby Atmos working on Netflix in the UK, but few outlining any degree of success. I thought I would share what has worked for me.

I had seen a post suggesting that running the Netflix app on an x box would support Atmos. I now have access to an X-Box 1 X, which supports the Netflix app. Netflix make it clear that you need the higher tier UHD subscription for Atmos - that was already in place. I tried installing and running the app and could not get any titles to play or appear as if it were Atmos capable. I trawled Netflix's web site for guidance and unfortunately it provides only generalities. I then contacted Netflix about whether the X Box supported Atmos. Unfortunately the person at the end of the chat line did no know and just kept suggesting ' set up your device according to the manufactures guidance'. Unfortunately I could not get the person to say whether they meant my x box or av amp. The support person clearly didn't know if the X-box would support Atmos but said he would ask someone else and get back to me. In the mean time I thought I would delve in to the x-box settings and after a minute I realised I needed the Dolby app installed on the xbox and a few audio settings tweaked. Before the Netflix support got back, I had Atmos working - hurray!! Then when Netflix support got back a few minutes later he informed me that Dolby Atmos was NOT supported by the Netflix app (lol). I did explain that I had it working just fine :).

Buoyed up by the x-box experience I thought I would try driving my AV amp from my PC running the Netflix app. I needed to install the Dolby app and tweak a few Windows Audio setting but it works too - yipee :)

Another point of frustration with Netflix, is there doesn't seem to be a way for searching for Atmos capable titles, nor do you see whether a title can be played with Atmos until you can actually play them. It would be much nicer to see a ATMOS symbol on the title greyed out if you aren't able to play it, rather than no indication at all.

So it can be done! Such a shame Netflix don't appear to actually know that (lol)



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Just search for atmos in Netflix like you would anything else.
Results only bring back atmos titles for me.


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I get Atmos on Netflix in the UK on a Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen. Not Firestick 4k. Not a native app on LG or Panasonic.


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I get Atmos on Netflix in the UK on a Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen. Not Firestick 4k. Not a native app on LG or Panasonic.

Are you using ARC from your TV or Optical? LG Netflix app outputs Atmos.

You will only get Atmos using ARC and Dolby digital plus too.

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