Getting Divorced Advice needed


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Me and the ex have split.

Living separate lives for the last 2 years.

How do we go about getting divorced on the cheap ?

We get on fine, but are not meant to be together. We sold the house we had and split it last year.

So we just want to end the marriage, with out any hassle or silly costs ?


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I've seen that outfit mentioned in a few forums, so they would seem to offer a good solution.

I know it's stating the bleedin' obvious, but my one piece of advice is to avoid Solicitors at all costs. My experience of them from my Divorce 10 years ago is that they will stretch everything out for as long as possible, thereby generating as much money for themselves as they can.


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We got quoted £1600 ! which is a con since we both get on, getting married in florida did not cost that much !


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It shouldn't cost much as long as you've both sorted out all the finances, I got divorced in 1992 I think it was £300, I only went to see the solicitor once, I never rang them so it was just the legal proceedings and selling the house they dealt with.

The problems will start if one of you isn't happy and starts contesting things, they love a good fight at £150 an hour £20 a letter and £20 a phone call


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Yes I did. I should add in the interests of full disclosure I also consulted a lawyer only because the ex, despite agreeing to do without said beasts, then got one. I did however use all the divorce online paperwork. Check it very thoroughly though - I made a typo and it cost me time and money with the court.


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So I have applied to divorce using divorce-online. on the Platinum Divorce Service (DIY Divorce & Consent Order Service)

Do I need to go to court and ask for divorce papers ? and pay for something else ?

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