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Getting discounted prices of NTL BILL

hey everyone, after reading a few posts on this ntl forum. iv noticed when a few people enquire about the HD channels and when they will be available in there area, and then some people threaten them saying they will leave NTL, because its taking to long for the new NTL HD (genious idea).They end up with a discounted bill after they put the phone down.say like £8/10 a month cheaper all because they threatened to leave them.
Anyone who has actually done this,can you tell me what you said to them exactly.



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I haven't paid full price for NTL for the last 18 months, nor will I for the next 6.

Simply a case of comparing offers - eg when I last rang, I compared with the Sky deal (half price for first three months) + broadband. Am paying £43 pm instead of £70-ish at present : half price Family Pack, half price 4MB broadband, free Talk Weekends

Just a case of haggling - you don't even have to say you're leaving, just say you've seen better deals else where, can they match it...they see it as a challenge.

They have a special customer retentions dept for this very purpose - I forget the exact telephone number...

Just make sure you do some research beforehand - they're very clued up on who is offering what.


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I used the freezing on tv drive as a reason for a discount but it's very apparent that when anyone has an issue they simply take a look on the computer and are given a list of options.

I did not need to use a different department, the guy on the other side simply tapped in something on his computer and then stated there was two things he could do.

I went for the half price family pack for six months, a saving of around £10 a month. As i'm paying top wack and the freezing now stops me from even changing channels at times I will be on to them again after christmas asking for even more. All in all they are to get close to a grand from me for the coming year when you include the phone bills and frankly it's not good enough.


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Told them I was leaving to go to $ky HD and got 12 months phone line rental for £5.00/month and 2meg broadband for £11.00/month :smashin:

They also told me to ring back after the 12 month period for a further discount
thanks guys, iv tried and i got them to knock of a £85 bill.So its a start, will leave it a couple of weeks then go at them again.if anyone else has done this, please post some more.



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I've managed to get NTL to price match TalkTalk - Broadband & Telephone (including all calls) for £20 a month :)

Also, got Sky to give me a 50% discount on my TV package :)

Just ring up and ask them for their best deal cos you have seen cheaper elsewhere ..... it's better to get at least a little money out of the customer, than get none at all !!

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