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May 6, 2003
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:confused::confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: I am in a state of desperation, can anyone help!!!!

Took delivery of 3803 today and have wired up speakers, dvd, sky, vcr as per instruction book. Have put lead from TVs video input to the 'video monitor output' jack on 3803.

But cannot get 'System set-up menu' to appear, have tried tv on all EXT's 1-4.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, please help me
Don't recall such a problem with my 3803 except I had to select either PAL or NTSC, can't recall which, to get a stable picture IIRC .. could that be it I wonder? :confused:
thanks for your response

its not clear in the manual whether the display is on tv or 3803?

was told this is easy to do!!:confused:
Have to say I found it easy, set up a 3803 after Christmas, I used an s-video connection to a Tosh 28" and it 'just worked'.

Just had a glance at the manual and right now can't think what could be wrong .. have you an s-video input you could try?

Originally posted by baldybonce
its not clear in the manual whether the display is on tv or 3803?
Sorry, not clear what you mean by that "on tv or 3803".
was told in sevenoaks sound and vision that display comes up on screen on 3803 but i cant see how so much info could be put in such a small area.

unfortunatly dont own a s-video connection :-(
I think the setup options appear on the TV when you have the TV turned to the right chanel and connect the right cable.
No, the display isn't a TV signal so there's no channel associated with it, the TV needs setting to AV which I think is being done.

I've never seen the setup info come up on the 3803 itself, there's some status settings on there but nothing at all to do with, for example, speaker configuration, input mapping etc.

Sorry baldybonce, methinks a call to Sevenoaks is going to be needed.
a few things to check:

make sure the remote is in 'amp' mode, otherwise you won't even be sending the command.

i dont think you need a video source for it to lock on to, but it might be worth verifying that you are watching a source on your TV (using the AV input) via your 3803. Then switch to another video source on your 3803 that you know to have nothing connected. That way you can verify that your TV is showing you the output from the Denon. Once you have that verified, try again to issue the setup command from the remote.

Really it ought to be that simple.

baldybonce i assume the 3803 is simular to 3802 make sure your lead is connected to the yelow coloured socket on 3803 and tv , press amp /reciever button on remote (amp) will show on the remote control window.

turn off sky box/dvd etc and press amp button on remote then osd on remote flick through the input channels scart 1 etc,

from memory lead from denon to tv i have to in my case set scart 3 to s-vidio not scart output regardless wether i use s-vidio lead to be able to bring up denons set up display (on tv screen)
Firstly I would like to thank: mick23,
& ivor_monkey for all your advice, I now have the set up menu and am doing ok.
This is my first home cinema system and it all is very confusing!
Well go on, don't keep us in suspense .. what was it? :D

Don't want to embarass you, but it's always useful to record this sort of problem for others who follow .. if it caught you out it's bound to confuse someone else too. :)
I am really :eek: to say that I had the component lead in the incorrect position in the 3803 :suicide:

Why do they make so many different leads, its all so :confused: ing!

PS: have given up setting up sub as cant get it to boom, sevenoaks are to come out and do it for me (feel a right :clown: )

You dont even want to know what I do for a living!!
Hey, don't be embarassed, the backplate on the 3803 isn't exactly logically laid out in some parts .. so many sockets, so little time. :D

Glad you got it sussed. :)
I know this AV gear is not for the faint hearted and costs a huge amount of money but disappointingly the instructions to set up are VERY complicated and could do with a bit more thought by the manufacturers to make them a little easier to understand IMO

Thanks again:rolleyes:
I know what you mean .. the first AV receiver I got was a Nakamichi and I had to read the manual three times before I even BEGAN to understand the things I needed to configure. The 3803 is even more complex and unlike the Nakamichi and the Marantz I've had can't be done using only the built-in display, something I think is a major pain.

keap this thread open as my 3803 should be here tomorrow, then we will see who worse at setting things up:D :D :D

will keep post going as maybe we can help each other!:rolleyes:

not important but what finish did you go for?, mine is silver to match DVD2900 which i had to wait 2 months for.

speakers are Quad 21L's front 11L's rear and Quad centre, with REL Q150E sub. All sounded awesome at demo, so looking forward to mine being like that.


glad im not the only one that doesnt understand technical manuals! they should be written in laymens terms, not written for AV superior beings
baldybonce your on the right track now when i first got my 3802 i found it a bit confusing re (osd) whether they meant on 3802 display or tv.

the denon manual i do not feel is that self explanatory there is only one tiny page for description of back panel etc i can now see why a lot of japs wear glasses.
i went for silver too. got it from creative audio ordered less than 24 hours ago should be here by 2pm today.

its going to go with some gallo micro`s and a vx-10 velodyne sub.
Perhaps I was lucky, but I found the setup reasonably straightforward. You do have to read the notes relating to each feature, and the diagrams could be bigger!

A couple of questions:

- the sound from my digibox (netgem i-Player, which claims to put out Dolby 5.1 through the toslink) seems to come out as stereo be default (even though I have auto-surround on). I can set the system manually to do Dolby Pro Logic II (or even 5-speaker stereo!). What should be happening? what settings should I be using?

- how do I get Zone 2 sound out through my hifi amplifier? I plugged into the far right pair in the "pre"-block, then discovered that Zone 2 does not support the digital inputs. Nevertheless, I cannot even get analogue sound to come out through the hifi amp;

Took the easy option and very kindly Sevenoaks came out this afternoon and set up all speaker volumes, (I had all the wiring correct...Wahoo!).
Feel a bit sorry for neighbours now as will be trying loads of dvd's, sounds AWESOME!
(Have found Sevenoaks very helpful and Dave at Creative was also very helpful when we purchased stand)


Sorry mate but your questions have gone way over my head, not called baldybonce for no reason

I do have a question though:

Where does the lead from PS2 go to get sound through 3803? Have tried it in vcr-1 and get sound but picture is black/white. Do I need digital optical lead?
Make sure you are using the s-video monitor out instead of tv out. Just plug into the s-video socket on your tv. I think the tv out confusses most people.
Originally posted by baldybonce
I do have a question though:

Where does the lead from PS2 go to get sound through 3803? Have tried it in vcr-1 and get sound but picture is black/white. Do I need digital optical lead?

You don't absolutely need a digital optical lead, but it does offer certain benefits over using analogue connections.

When you have the PS2 Optical lead connected to your 3803, on the back of the receiver the input the lead is going to should be labelled (Opt-1, Opt-2, Opt-3 etc). Make a note of what it's labelled as.

If you look at your remote control, press the "Set Up" button, which you'll find to the top & left of the circular button layout near the bottom.

When you press this once, you should see set-up details being displayed on the front of the receiever.

Keep pressing the "Scroll Down" button until what you read on the front of the receiver is the same as the note you made earlier about the optical input.

i.e. - the front of the receiver will say "opt 1 input" or "opt-2 input" etc etc.

When this corresponds with the note you made earlier, press the 'side scroll' button until the display reads V.Aux. This stands for 'Video Auxillary' and is the input your PS2 should ideally be assigned to.

Once you've done this, it's simply a case of connecting the video leads of your PS2 to the video inputs on the back of the Denon labelled "V.Aux".

This way, when you press 'V.Aux' on the remote control (Number 8?), the Denon will select the PS2 optical input and output the correct picture.

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