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Been experimenting with the gear that I have to get the best audio I can out of an ATV4. The ATV user interface is very nice to use IMO. The remote is great and controls the volume of my amp as well.

Just want to see if I have this right or not and a couple of questions regarding upsampling. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I have a Cambridge Audio 752BD, Cambridge Audio 751R and some KEF LS50's.

I've ripped some of my CD's to ALAC (44.1 kHz) and have them in my Apple library on my iMac streamed via ethernet to the ATV4.
  • HDMI cable of the ATV4 into the HDMI back input of the 752BD.
  • HDMI out from 752BD into my plasma for video
  • Audio is analogue via the analogue outputs of the 752BD into the analogue inputs of the 751R ... this should take advantage of the Wolfson DAC's of the 752BD
  • 751R is set to "Pure Analogue Stereo Direct" mode
This setup sounds pretty good and I've compared it directly to playing FLAC files via USB directly from the 752BD into the 751R (Analogue / Direct) and I can't tell any difference.

Some questions:

I have read that the ATV4 does some upsampling of the ALAC files from 44.1 kHz to 48 kHz ... I really can't hear any difference.
  • Can people really hear any difference between 44.1 kHz FLAC and a 48 kHz ALAC?

And expanding upon this upsampling to 48 kHz ... I read the 752BD actually upsamples everything to "24 bit/192kHz" anyway.
  • What does this mean in relation to the upsampling the the ATV does to the original 44.1 kHz file?
  • Is the file now going from 44.1 to 48 to 192? Does this affect quality?
  • Am I better ripping the CD's to 48 kHz ALAC instead of 44.1 kHz ALAC?

At the end of the day, like I said, FLAC files via USB and ALAC files being routed via the 752BD from the ATV sound exactly the same to me so I'm happy but just wondering about all this upsampling business :)




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The ATV by design will always truncate its incoming signal to 16/48, so it's pointless feeding it any quality/high-resolution files.

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