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My friend lost her phone some time back and has been working on an old Nokia until she got a new smart one.
The Nokia was given to her and already had a Vodafone in it. Her own phone was a pay monthly with o2

Her new phone is arriving tomorro or Monday. She has arranged to get a pay as you go sim from o2, that will get her back on the network.

So what she wants to know is how can she reclaim her old number. Normally I’d figure these things out for her but with social distancing that’s not possible. All o2 shops seem closed so she can’t go there.

Another potential problem is, for whatever reason, her old phone was on a business contract. It should have been a personal contract.
What to do ? And thanks for any advice


Surely the obvious thing to do is get in touch with o2? I know you can’t go to a shop, but perhaps you can phone them or get in touch via social media like twitter for example?


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With my colleague in isolating and only having access to an old style Noki using Vodafone I can’t get o2 to talk to me.
I’ve sent a Messenger message to them today. Hopefully they will act on that

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