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Hello all

Well where do I start. I used to train, and did for a long time. I was into strength training but used to do 2-3hrs per day for 6 days a week. I love training. Then I got costochrondritis, which for those unsure is basically inflammation of the cartilage in between the ribs and breast plate. Now this in itself doesnt sound bad but basically gives all the symptoms of having a heart attack (pain in chest, shooting pains down left arm and numbness in hands etc) even to the same degree but on a permanent basis rather than fleeting. This all depends on the severity of it of course but mine was about as bad as it could be, probably as I continued to train for some time when it started, I was then treated and investigated for heart problems for a long while until I came across a specialist who recognized what the problem was. So anyhow thats a bit of a filler, this stopped me training for 3 years give or take, at first getting used to the pain ( they cant treat this and im allergic to anti inflammatory which is about the only thing that helps at all) so basically morning to night in excruciating pain.

Anyhow that was my excuse for a bit then, I think I began to fear inflaming it due to how much worse it could get when I did. So for a few years ive not trained and now that it is a bit better for me I want to again. As I still have a problem with my chest I cant really weight train there but I can train (physio quite happy for me to) so to my question. When I started training I used to follow a full body workout for some time with minimal weight or just body weight but for the life in me cant find the notes on it. Could anyone suggest a workout that covers all aspects id need (calves, bicep, calf, thigh, glutes etc etc) in one routine to do everyday, so something I can scale. I think I used to do something like

10x Squats
10x Lunges
10x Front plate raise with twist (like turing steering wheel at face height)
10x Bent over row
10x Calf raises
10x Situps
10x Lat raises
10x Press ups

I cant remember if Ive added to that or am missing anything. Or is that will do a even full body workout?

Also meals... My diet/eating plan, ive always been rubbish at this and could do with some real help. Any help would be appreciated. I will add pictures of my current physique and my aim is to trim and tone some.

Oh and for 6 months I have been walking 1-2miles on a morning and 2-4 miles on a evening to and from work so 5 days a week.


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If you enjoyed strength training before, maybe have a look at the 5x5 strength training system. Easiest way is to get the free app for it
Every other day (or as often as you go) you do 5 set of 5 on 3 barbell compounds.
A - squats, bench press, bent over rows
Then the next day
B - squats,, overhead press, deadlifts

And each day you alternate and add 2.5 kg.
The weight and your strength shot up in no time at all.
In 6 months I went from never having seen inside a gym to squatting just over 100kg.
I lost about 5 inches from my waist, lost 14kg in weight and then I've put back on about 12kg world my waist getting bigger.
I did it for 8 months and I'll probably go back to it again in a few months. Training hypertrophy now for a few months..


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Learn about High intensity interval training and combine it with a healthy diet. If you wanna buff up, yours is probably the way to go. If you just wanna love a couple of pounds, there are other, less stressfull and expensive ways.


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Hi all this is Lisa...
i am desperately looking forward to back my shape... is there any instant way to sort out my problem..
Oh course there isn't, other wise we would all have perfect physiques!
It took me years to get fat, so it's taking me a long time to lose it.

Start out by cutting back on junk food and fizzy drinks and move more.
Walk at a brisk pace for 30 mins twice a day to start with and we how you feel after 2 weeks.

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