Question Getting around an ARC setup - Onkyo HTX 22HDX & LG C9


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Hey everyone,

My Current Setup is 5.1 Onkyo HTX 22HDX and a recently purchased LG C9 55 inch. This is in a bedroom setup.

The big problem I have hit since upgrading my TV and retiring the Amazing Panasonic GT50, is the bottleneck of HDMI 1.4 on the Onkyo Receiver.

My current workaround has been getting a 4K 60HZ HRD HDMI Switch Box, Plus using the inputs on the LG C9, then bringing One HDMI Cable from the EARC from the TV to the Onkyo Receiver.

This works but now I am stuck with ARC audio due to the receiver. So I can get Dolby Digital from my PS4 Pro, but no more DTS or more importantly 5.1 PCM from my older devices such as the Nintendo Switch.

What I was thinking of doing was getting a HDMI Switch box with more inputs, and hooking its output to a HD FURY AVR Key, then the HDMI Audio out on the Fury to the Onkyo, and the HDMI Video Out on the Fury to the Receiver.

I think this would work for now but then there is the problem of the Next Gen PS5 and PC GPU's. I would like to have support for 4k 120hz down the road, which the LG TV's HDMI 2.1 Does Support but then I'd be stuck with ARC only again.

So my next recourse was getting a new AV Receiver and I have settled on Denon X1600H. My thinking is the lack of 4K 120HZ passthrough won't matter as I would plug everything directly into the TV and then just use EARC to bring the Audio to the Denon. I believe this would swork as Only Audio would be brought to the Denon which does Support EARC and so I should get all the Audio Support needed, including 5.1 PCM? Plus the benefits of HDMI 2.1 on the LG. And I would use my HDMI Switch for my current devices like the Nintendo Switch, PS4 etc.

But then this brings the problem of me needing a new Subwoofer. Unless there is a way I can use the Onkyo's Subwoofer? But I am not sure it is possible as it is a Subwoofer with a AV Receiver built in, I don't know if it can be hooked to The Denon so it is used as a Sub only.

Being perfectly happy with the Sound of the Onkyo setup including its Subwoofer, I don't really want to spend an unnecessary amount on a new AV receiver and a new Subwoofer. I am perfectly happy with my current setup but the loss of uncompressed Audio is a big sting and I am not sure what the cheapest way round it is. Keep in mind I have this setup in a medium sized bedroom so the Onkyo is plenty powerful and detailed for me and I have loved the sound since I first got it years ago.

Do you guys have any suggestions? What would the best workaround be? If there is a way to use the Onkyo's Sub so I only have to buy a new AV receiver that is something I could live with.

Based In The UK So I know a lot of Budget Subs are out of Reach. The BK Gemeni II seems amazing but that brings a hefty additional cost if I am also getting a new Receiver.

Also Looking at Wharfedale Diamond SW150 @ £150, or the Yamaha NSSW050 @ £100 as cheaper alternatives for Subs.

Many thanks,
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