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getting annoyed with PSP Video 9


Standard Member
i'm trying to transfer some videos to my PSP.

I'm now practicing on some small files rather than large DVD's.
I've got a 6MB .wmv file which i'm trying to convert.

i've tried using some standard profiles in PSP Video 9, and also tried creating my own profile, but i have the same problem with both.

The problem is that it appears to be converting the file.
The file size increased, the frames, bitrate etc all increased.
the time elapsed increased, and the time remaining reduced.
Until it gets to acertain point.
The file size has stopped at about 8MB.
the time counters have stopped increasing, however there is time remaining, but it isn't decreasing.
the main progress bar at the top is still at 0%.
WHen i press the abort button, the Time Elapsed suddenly changes so that it appears as though it has been working all along.

I have left this for over an hour, but still it doesn't finish.
I've tried versions 1.71 and 1.72.

has anyone else had any problems like this ???



Established Member
Use the AVC/320X240/29.97fps/768kbps Stereo/128kbps profile.
You can modify it and lower the the 768kbps to a lower one i use the 512 one and it works great.

As for transfering do it manually put them in the M root file not the A one.


Senior Moderator
You could try a non-AVC setting. Its still pretty new

I have 2 PCs - a custom built 4 gaming, and a HP branded. I use HP, 'cos custom keeps restarting, or freezes

After some research, this is prob due to too much software on PC. Thats just for me though. My HP PC is relatively clutter free. I only use it for college work, music and web. No games


Standard Member
i've found that the problem i'm having is specific to WMV files.

gonna now start looking for a converter to change them to mpg.


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Well my main rig is a custom job and it works fine for me on the setting i gave.

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