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Question Getting a video signal to a Toshiba TLP X4500


Novice Member
So i bought this used Toshiba TLP X4500 from this guy for only 80 euro and it seems to be in mint condition. I believe it's an older type projector because I don't believe it has a way of inputting a digital video signal (like HDMI).

I bought this cheap adaptor to go from the HDMI port of my macbook into a VGA cable which I connecter to the RGB input of the projector. It didn't work and i'm sure there are many logical reasons why this didn't work.

Anyway my question is simple: How do i get a video signal from my macbook to the projector?

I would greatly appreciate an answer and yes i know i'm a complete novice but hey i just felt like watching some films on a nice projector :)

edit: Here's a picture of the back with all the inputs visible:


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You need an active converter, not just a cable - what exactly did you buy?

I have to say though that that projector is essentially useless for home cinema use. It’s 4:3, only 1024x768 resolution and has a terrible contrast ratio.


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Just search for 'Active HDMI to VGA' the clue will be that there's a power source needed, and usually they have an audio out.

eg: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01KLKQ...t=&hvlocphy=9045597&hvtargid=pla-307560419275

By the time you put that projector in 16:9 mode, you'll only be outputting 1024x576 pixels. It's really an (old) data projector for use in an office. Have a play with it, it will cost you less than €10 for an adapter, but really, you want to try and find an actual home cinema projector.

As mentioned above, that unit isn't really the right resolution, has absolutely terrible contrast ratio, and is actually far brighter than you need in a home environment.

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