Getting a V+ and other bits installed tomorrow.....



After many bodged installations, i have taken it upon myself to leave a letter for the engineer coming tomorrow (i will be at work, my girlfriend at home).

Is there anything i have missed?

Virgin Engineer,

Please install the new black V+ box in the upstairs bedroom (I do not wish to have the old black & silver TvDrive box). The Samsung box that was in there, could you please move downstairs to the front room and replace the black Pace box., I have spoken to customer services and they said this is fine.

Could you please also set the V+ box up with the HDTV in the bedroom via the HDMI cable I ordered with customer services. Also please configure the new black V+ remote accordingly so we can adjust volume on the tv with the V+ remote.

The broadband modem also needs to be installed in the bedroom with the HDTV, as the router is behind the tv. Im not sure how it is connected, I assume via the V+ box so the modem would be on-top/next to that. As far as I know, you do not set up the connection to be used with a router, that is fine, I can re-configure it myself. I am also not sure if you set up the internet on the PC, but if you do, I have left you the letter with the log in details.

Please can you ensure that everything is in working order before you leave, also you have left us an HDMI cable and the V+ remote, as it has taken weeks to get an installation properly configured before!

Many Thanks,

Mr Bevan

And here is a letter i have left for the girlfriend:


Please check with the engineer he is installing a BLACK Virgin Media box in my room, and ask if he has used, or left us an HDMI cable. A pic of it below:


Also, check he has moved the silver Samsung box from my room, downstairs into the front room, replacing the old black Pace box.

Also check the has installed the internet modem into MY room, maybe behind the tv. It will be a box with flashing lights on it, NOT they grey one that says ‘Belkin’ on it.

One last thing, can you check he has left a new black Virgin Media remote for the new box in my room, it should look like the Sky+ one. Looks like this:


Don’t sign the installation form until you have checked all these, it will take ages for us to get them sorted. If he has no HDMI cable or V+ remote, get him to call customer services, or another engineer and get one sent over to us today, we have ordered them so should be entitled to them.

Also get him to show you that both TVs are fully working, and that the internet has been properly installed.

You can never be too safe when it comes to NTL/Virgin media :lesson:


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Sheesh are the enginners really that bad?

Also, where you talk about 'the internet getting installed' I would change that to the 'internet connection'.

Might be easier to provide a checklist for the g/f. Ya'know 1) 2) 3) like.


Well, in a word - yes!

It took over 10 days to get a standard Samsung STB installed in a new room! While they were 'fixing' this, they managed to mess up our 2 other boxes, so were without cable tv for over a week! Not to mention the countless problems with the broadband!

Il change the list to bullet style, it did cross my mind...........

Thanks :thumbsup:


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The V+ Box is noisy and the LED's at the front are exceptionally bright. I wouldn't have it in my bedroom as I need to sleep there...


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My V+ box is being installed in just over a week and when I ordered the service I mentioned a HDMI cable because our LCD has an HDMI port and got told it came with one. How come you have had to "order" a cable?

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