Getting a TV's freeview through freesat dish?


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I have a freesat dish and would like to know if it is possible to use this as the aerial (ie have a signal) for having a tv in another room??

My aerial does not work properly due to the poor reception in my area. I therefore had to install a freesat dish to watch TV. Until now I have made do with one TV in the living room. I have a TV with built in freeview and would like to use this in another room.

Is there any way of splitting the cable that goes directly into my freesat box from the dish and connecting this dish cable to the TV in another room? Would this then allow me to access the freeview of the TV?

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A satellite dish can only connect to a satellite receiver so the answer is no.

You could check if your dish's LNB has a spare output and run a new cable to the new location, usually LNB's have 1,2 or 4 outputs. If it does have an unused output you could get another freesat or generic satellite receiver.

An LNB (Low Noise Block) is the device the dish focuses the beam onto that reduces the frequency to a level suitable for distribution and tunes to the correct transponder for the channel selected).

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A satellite dish is one thing, a terrestrial aerial a completely different thing.
One can't be used as the other!
The signal from a dish cannot be split, but an additional connection to the dish can be made as Railway explains.
To use the second TV on its own you need a terrestrial aerial to provide its Freeview.
Alternatively you can get the second satellite receiver and the additional connection to the dish.
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