Getting a REL Q200 sub repaired (or DIY .........)

Richard Harnwell

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Sep 17, 2000
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Colchester, Essex
I have two REL Q200 subs, one I bought new, and one secondhand.

Unfortunately the secondhand one doesn't seem very well. When I first took possession of it I wasn't convinced it sounded as tight as my other one, and it seems to have developed a definite problem. When pushed to even mild levels, it can now produce an unpleasant "farting" sound at certain frequencies and this problem has been getting progressively worse.

My problem is, I have no guarantee for this, so even though REL are happy to have a look at it, it'll cost me an arm and a leg for postage due to the weight.

From my rather poor description, does anyone have any idea what the problem might be. I'd appreciate any thoughts on:

1. If it is likely to be worth having it repaired.
2. Is there any chance it is something I may be able to do myself?
3. Any good repairers within a shortish drive of N. Essex?

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Personally, I wouldn´t attempt to repair it yourself. The best bet is to return it to REL themselves.

A courier shouldn´t cost a fortune within the UK, try ringing around for quotes. Members on here often buy & sell AV kit including subwoofers and they´re sent all over the UK from one member to another.
Check the rubber seal around the cone, farting normally happens when air is escaping out of the seal. It is not difficult to repair. If its not that then you would need to remove the driver and look at the webbed part which holds it to the magnet, this is another area where the bonding can fail.

Some manufactueres sell cone repair/replacement kits, but usually these are only offered to the distributor to save them having to send speakers back for simple repairs.

Oh and dont use it until its repaired or you will damage the voice coil.

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