Getting a refund on shoes bought online


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I bought a pair of boots from Asos about six weeks ago. I've just noticed that the leather is coming away from the sole on both shoes. The glue they've used doesn't seem to be doing any good as I could quite easily tear the sole off without exerting much force.

Given that they've not lasted me two months I'd quite like to get my money back and invest in a better pair of shoes. Can I do this? I know that some online purchases can be returned without question within seven days of receipt, isn't there something that guarantee's the goods purchased should function for a reasonable period of time without fault?

I intend to email Asos asap :)grin:) and I'd like to be able to reference some trading standards legislation/article to improve my chances of receiving a refund.

(Apologies if that didn't make sense; I'm knackered).


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Just say you want to return them without getting all legal on them first, and only do so if they get difficult. Two months for shoes is iffy, unless you've been mountain hiking :p


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In theory you should have no problem returning them.

In reality they will probably claim wear and tear and make your return hard work...


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Does it matter that I no longer have the box they came in?
No, as its unreasonable for them to suggest that you should keep the box 'just in case'.

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