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So I'm in a need of a new TV..I'm not willing to spend too much as I'm not using it daily..mostly for movies every now and then and sometimes for gaming.
So the TV is:
48 inch full HD, Smart TV, WiFi built in, basically everything I need...
But the question is...the referesh rate of the TV is 100 HZ (It has the MotionFlow 100HZ, so I suppose thats it right), will it cause any issues with playing games on high def? Like is the picture going to be ok? Or will there be any issues with the quality, laggy movement etc? Should I go for higher refresh rate TVs?

Thanks in advance

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Motionflow 120/100 is a 60Hz (US) or 50Hz (EU ) panel it will not handle motion as well as a 120Hz set with a 120 Hz /100Hz panel (and fast CPU /GPU ) but otherwise might be OK for the average gamer .

The US equivalent is a Sony 48R510C not a bad 1080p set at all for the money IMO.

At the Black level is .020cd/m2 and contrast is 4904:1 , both excelent for an LCD as is the black uniformity.

FWIW I have a US 2013 Sony KDL 40r450a with very similar input lag ,brightness/contrast specs to the US 48R510C / KDL48R550 in one room here it's quite playable at 1080p /60 ultra on modern games like SWBF on the PC with an i7 2600K CPU and GTX 670 dGPU and equally playable
on the PS 3 and it has that Sony color and good picture detail on TV or gaming .

Max brightness is 256 cd/m2 rtings .com says "The maximum luminosity of this TV is average."
OTOH the view angle is very narrow .

Here are coments on view angle :

" LCD Type: VA
Viewing Angle: 9 °
Not only do the colors desaturate at an angle, but the blacks become gray even faster. Even if you are sitting straight in axis, it can be an issue on the left and right side of the TV."

Input lag for gaming at is 45.8 msec not great but plenty playable .

Here are coments on motion :

"Judder-free 24p: No
Judder-free 24p via 60p: No
Judder-free 24p via 60i: No
Motion Interpolation (30 fps): No
Motion Interpolation (60 fps): No
Unfortunately, all movies will suffer from the 3:2 pulldown judder. Most people won't be bothered by this though, because it is a small constant judder."

A 120Hz/100Hz panel set with a fast CPU is best but a slow CPU > 120Hz panel set won't play any better and sometimes worse than a good 50/60Hz panel set .

Panel refresh rate has nothing to so with input lag it's the TV's processing and the panel sample and hold rate . input lag data US models

The EU equivalent to the 1080p Sony 50W800C is a better set set in *most* respects with a 120Hz panel and lower input lag but [significantly less maximum brightness ] in fact not the best for a bright room but otherwise quite adequate with controlled lighting and with the usual excellent Sony color. A better set all in all .

AFAIK the cheapest Samsung with a 120Hz panel is a 4K set at considerably more money OTOH the equivalent EU model to the 4K 50JU6500 Samsung is decent but again a 50/60Hz panel.

I Haven't tried gaming on my new 4K Sony XBR 55X850C (US model ) in this room yet
but the Sony KDL 40R450A is still going to be the game set here in another room on another PC and g27 wheel anyway it replaced a 2012 Toshiba LCD in there when I bought this new 55X850C maybe an EU 85C I'm thinking .
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That would be X8505C in Europe ;).
As for the R model, I wouldn't be sure if it is the exact equivalent of R510C but still a 50(60)Hz model indeed. To benefit from a 100Hz you need to activate the motion interpolation which significantly increases input lag (although on for example the 800C the additional lag is quite minimal).
Samsung J6*** full HD sets are still 120Hz, unlike the 4K JU6**** , but as you can see in the rtings reviews the motion interpolation adds a significant amount of input lag.
In Game Mode this is normally deactivated ...


FWIW on my 4K 120Hz panel XBR 55X850C is smoother with the 120Hz panel on programs or gaming than in gaming or other modes than my 1080P 60Hz 40R450A Sony It could be the CPU and or the panel .

You are right on the motion flow but Sony motionflow 100/120 on the 50/60Hz panels doesn't do frame interpolation only back light manipulation that kills the brightness either way it's best left [off] .

The 50W800C (50W80C) have better 100/120Hz 10 and 8 bit panels panels respectively & the better Sony X Reality Pro processing than the 60Hz R5x models with 50/60 Hz & likely 6 bit +high frc Panels and maybe off the shelf Mediatek CPU's like the 50/60 Hz (100/120Hz phony motion flow refresh rate ) in the 2013 40R450a sets they look like .

It's the usual thing ...You get what you pay for and less color banding and better color gradation with a 8 bit panel than a 6 bit +high frc dither panel even better with a 10 bit panel and that's setting aside a smother 10 bit panel even if it's only repeating frames with motion flow & smoothing [off] .
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