Getting a new plasma & what all in one to upgrade to


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right im getting a brand new pioneer 434HDE plasma screen tv and it does all in terms of input. basically at the mo ive had my pioneer DCS 303 for a year and very satisfied customer but the best output from it is S-Video. now posting on the plasma and lcd forums ive been advised to use a component output from a dvd player to the plasma. now with me spending all this ££ on a plasma i cant really afford to get seperate speakers amp's etc.. so im gonna stick with an all in one as i think they look smarter anyways! so here is my dillema is there an all in 1 that has component out & progressive scan. both these is a must ive been told to see the best of what my tv can offer ! i liked the look of the new pioneer 990 but it dosnt have the features i need, which is a pity as going by my 303 the sound is awesome. also being choosey if there is a system that has component out & progressive scan does it have the flat speakers like the new pioneer cos they look top !
thanx in advance for ne suggestions
ps also has to be multi region lol


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sorry for incompotence ive just seen the jamo system that meets my requirements but are there any other alternatives ?


Another vote for the Jamo Dvr 50, a great bit of kit.

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