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Hi everyone - my first post here, though I've been lurking around reading as much as I can to learn what i can.

I seem to have convinced my wife that a projector would be an excellent way to watch films on a big screen, and we have a room of approx 11ft x 8ft "spare".

I like the look of the Panasonic PTAE-500.... erm think that's the model number , y'know the one that lots of people seem to be mentioning at the moment.

One thing I think is really important to do is to see the model you want to buy in a demo, and this is where I'm really coming unstuck. I picked up "Home Cinema Choice" at the weekend to look for any dealers near myself (Southampton area) and found one. I went up to see him, but he didn't do "budget" projectors, but did show me a Sims2 Domino 20, which was lovely, but at £3500, about £2000 too much.

Doing a search on google obviously brings up a whole heap of Internet sellers you can buy projectors from - but all without premises and demo rooms it would seem, and I'm not going to buy this "blind" (I'd also like to see what a similarly priced DLP projector looks like for example)

Anyone got any suggestions for dealers in my area (and frankly I don't mind an hour in the car to get there) that carry a good range of PJ's they can demo


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Speak to V'audio in Bristol.
They do a wide range of projectors and are very helpful.
Their phone no. is 0117 968 6005


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let me know if you find someeone in the soton area please WPA - would be nice to go to a local dealer if i can when i start looking for pjs (like the ae500 and z2 et al) in the next few months..


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Not *exactly* near to Southampton. But Nexnix in Horhsam are highly recommended.




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If you guys fancied a trip down the road to Chichester/Bognor I could demo my AE500 for you. I've only got the one model of course but it's properly mounted/tweaked. As you've probably read I'm finding the picture a little soft but I thinking this is more down to the Smoothscreen (fact of life with this pj) and comparing it to my old AE100.

You'd be especially welcome if you could bring a HCPC or DVI equiped DVD player with you (as I'm interested to see how that would look) but no problem if you can't. I can at least show you my Arcam DV88+ driving it in Progressive.

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