Question getting a browser to work on XP


now i know XP is no longer supported and all that.

ive put together a pc and installed windows xp
to use a soundcard (that will work on win10) and software program ( that wont work on win10)
and there is no updated program for win10.
basically you gotta throw the card away and buy a new one with software for win10.
but that doesn't do everything required that the old card/program did.

i managed to do the GPU driver and i think all the MB ones.

downloading them and putting them on a pen to get them onto the xp machine.

however i cant seem to find any version of a browser that will install.
ive even tried the same chrome version that is being used on my old xp laptop.

there must be something that hasn't been installed yet to this fresh XP install.
that is stopping me from installing a compatible browser.

but what ? anyone else had this issue before and has any ideas.

cheers all


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Maybe you can find a older version of any browser. File hippo used to be good for old software especially for those running old tech and OS.

XP support ended I think back in 2014 a browser version from around that time would work....


ive tried many but still get same error..
il have to reconnect the pc and monitor and start it up and try it again to see what the error said.
as i cant remember.
but in the middle of a pc headache atm so had to move the xp pc and monitor off the table to make space to work on other pc's

my main pc decided it didn't like 4 sticks of ram i put in and froze up. ( 4x 4gb)
two worked fine then the other two worked fine.
but again. four sticks together it doesn't like.

gave up and put my old two sticks back in( 2x4gb) , then the pc wouldn't boot.
each day ive had to fix mbr to get it to boot up.
would take ages to load stuff. i guess due to the corrupt info left in the config file.
then it didnt matter what i tried it wouldnt boot.
so gave up and took the ssd out. plugged it into the old win7 pc and backed up the info i needed to save to another ssd
and in the process now of getting it ready for a fresh install.
but will wait until i get some new ram (2x8gb) to put in first.


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Is your OS updated to the latest version.


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There's no way to do the same thing a different way?

Can you not just use a Windows XP virtual machine on a Windows 10 install for that particular program? Or is it tied to the soundcard?

I wouldn't be trying to run a Windows XP machine for normal use, you'll just come across more and more compatibility issues trying to run twenty year old software.

Even if you absolutely have to have period hardware then you'd be better off building a Windows XP Mini PC you can tuck out of the way in a cupboard somewhere and control it from a newer machine when you need it for this particular use.


sorry for the late reply, been dealing with getting access to my stuff on the ssd's on my main pc. and connecting up the xp machine to get some error photos.

error 1.jpg error 2.jpg

i get this for every old browser ive tried that should work on xp.

if i remember right, i installed XP then did all the mobo/gpu drivers and then service pack 3.

yer the program is used with the soundcard, and wont launch when on a win 7/8/10 pc.
as its for xp/2000 etc.
and the new soundcard/software that works on win10, the program lacks some features that are needed.

hence trying to make a old xp machine just to use for this...


il give that a try later on, thanks.



This site can’t be reached​ refused to connect.

ohh well..... unless its the current browser on this old ish win 7 pc.
im reluctant to try to upgrade the browser incase it messes up.
as it will leave me pc-less right now.
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Personally I think you'd be much better off looking at virtualization to run XP and your software virtually using windows 10 (or other up to date OS)

I've got a Pronto remote control that has compatibility issues so I use Oracle Virtual box to run XP and the ProntoEdit software. Windows XP is isolated from the internet and I tend to use what oracle calls seamless mode which lets me have the software in its own window on windows 10.

One of the beauties of using VM like this is that when I recently changed to using a second hand MacBook Pro I could export my virtual machine as is and simply run it on MacOS after installing the Mac version of virtual box.


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This site can’t be reached​ refused to connect.

ohh well..... unless its the current browser on this old ish win 7 pc.
im reluctant to try to upgrade the browser incase it messes up.
as it will leave me pc-less right now.

Try the portable 32-bit version of Midori, its an open source browser used on a lot of linux distros, it still has a windows version in zip form so it doesn't need an installer.

There is a list of XP browsers with links to last supported versions of major browsers

There is also this thing, its a proxy server set up on a R-Pi that allows you to use old browser to browse modern web though its of no use for video.

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