Getting a 2nd Sky Box



Sorry but I'm a newbie to Sky, Only had it installed last week.

I'd like to have a box in my bedroom as well, What are my options.. I've heard talk that I need an LNB but I'm not sure to what it is..

I guess I'd need to buy another box run another bit of cable presumably from this LNB ? and probably pay a little extra on my subscripton.

I don't know .. Can anyone offer any help on this..



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First of all you need a second digibox, assuming your first installation was subsidised then you already have had your "free" digibox so you will have to buy the second.
You can buy second hand from a variety of sources (Car boot, local press or auctions), they do tend to be older and slower models. SKY will sell you a brand new digibox for £169.
The LNB (Object on the dish arm) will need to be replaced with a version with two or more outputs so that each digibox can recieve a seperate signal, you can buy these yourself (£30-£60).
Then you will have to either install it all yourself or get someone in to do the job for you, which could be any price.
SKY will supply and install everything for £219.

To view subscription channels on the second digibox will require a second smartcard which SKY sell for £12 a month, both digiboxes will have to be connected to the same phone line as a security measure. This "mirror" smartcard carries all the channels that your first smartcard carries, if you only want to watch the BBC, ITV1, CH4, CH5 and other free channels then you only need a FTV(Free to View) card which can be aquired from the BBC this does not require a phone connection

SKY Second Sub



Cheers m8, just what I was looking for.. £12 a month is probably a little steep though !

Sky is too greedy..


That's what I thought. There must be a way of 'cloning' your existing Sky card and not have the 2nd box connected to your phone line - they would never know.


Its not quite clear why you want a second box in the bedroom?
Do you want to watch one channel in one room and another in your bedroom or do you want to be able to control the sky box from you bedroom, so you can watch sky in bed (same programs in both rooms)
If the latter is what you want the you could either split the RF signal using the second RF output from your sky box to your TV in the bedroom (problem is that you have to get up to change channels) or you could use the sky TVlink which allows you to change channels from your bed. This option costs about £30 and no second subscription is needed. Yuo can get more info about this on you Sky channel guide pag 998, or on the interactive pages on sky. You can even order from sky.

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