Getting 26LXD52, but with surround system or Recordable DVD player?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by northerner100, Oct 18, 2005.

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    This might sound like a silly question... I'm getting a Panny 26LXD52 today (wanted 32 but wifey wouldn't have it!) but I've got some more money burning a hole and would like anyones thoughts on where to put it.

    LCD's don't have the best sound (although the panny's not the worst) so I'm thinking I want a clever 2.1 system - Sony DAV X1 looks good (although pricey). Would it be worth getting this to compliment the panny or is it just not worth it, if I don't get a sound system I'd put the cash in to a recordable DVD with HDD such as the Sony HXD710. We watch lots of normal tv but also a couple of dvd's a week.

    I know these are completely different items not even vaguely related in terms of their function but I'm really at a loss as to what to do. Basically, is the panny's sound 'good enough' for watching dvd's etc???

    Any advise or thoughts would be gratefully received...


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