Get your instruments out for the lads!


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Thought some of you guys liked to "do up" guitars so may be interested in this: Kartar | in Peterlee, County Durham | Gumtree I'm surprised no one has snapped them up yet! Especially as they are the very rare Kartar versions.


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My partscaster Blackie in 2014 during the 3rd upgrade since 1995.

My Dream guitar build for me by the Jackson custom shop late 1996. RR2772.


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My three axes, Carvin DC127-Carvin Bolt kit and Harper Buck Dharma no frills model.

Two of many amps I had. Blackheart Handsome Devil 15 watt tube amp and Peavey Windsor 120 watt tube amp.

Blackstar 4x8 speaker cabinet for fantastic clean sound with the Handsome Devil head.

Jammin at home with my new Bogner Alchemist 40 watt tube amp along with the Handsome Devil amp. The Adrenalinn III box put the amps in stereo mode for some wild effects.

Here's me with my Carvin DC127 axe. :D

Well, I quit playing a few years ago so I sold em all. Later I picked up a cheap guitar and amp to noodle on but I haven't really did much with it. I've been trying to sell em for months.

Parker Maxx Fly made in Indonesea. Not a bad axe, actually got Duncan designed pups in it.

Vox VT40+ amp. It uses a 12ax7 tube in it and I put a vintage British Mullard 12ax7 in it and the amp sounds friggin sweet. All my amps had vintage tubes in em.


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I've been into "leccy" pianos for decades.
I've upgraded over the years.

No photos of my first.

Second Farfisa (stock photo)


Third Yamaha PSR 90 (stock photo)

PSR 90.jpg

Fourth PSR 5700 (stock photo)

PSR 5700.JPG

Fiifth My PSR 1000, it was 20 years old and still in perfect condition last year.

PSR 1000.JPG

Sixth, My Yamaha Tyros 5, bought last year.


I decided I needed extra lighting to be able to read the music, (we've only uplighters in this room) So I bought one of these on e-Bay for a few quid. I found a better way to mount it than suggested.


I subscribe to a Yamaha electric piano owners' music forum. We link files we put on "Box" and say nice things about them. Even those of people who can't sing but insist on putting stuff on there.
You don't have to be much of a musician to sound reasonable with a modern electric piano.

I'll play anything, I like.


But I prefer the jazz standards, with all the jazz chords.



My Other love is saxophones, I did have two at one time, this Yamaha YAS 275, but I sold it after I'd had it nearly ten years. The price of these has risen so much that I got more for it than I paid for it.


I just play my YTS 62 tenor. This has an Otto Link New York tonemaster metal mouthpiece, I've also a Fred Labale jazz mouthpiece.


You wouldn't want to hear me play it.
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We did a Beatles Tribute gig last Saturday night.
Big crowd and was a lot of fun!!
These are a couple of guitars I used - Rickenbacker 381V69 and Taylor Fall Limited Koa.
Also used my trusty Rickenbacker 1993Plus 12-string for a lot of those George Harrison riffs!

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It's been years since I posted here and since then I've got my guitars down to just 2.
Okay, 3, but I don't play my first guitar any more.
Anyway, I bought myself my first real Gibson Les Paul a couple of years ago.
A 2018 Les Paul Traditional.

When I called one of the nearest PMTs to ask about buying it and trading in a couple of my guitars towards the price, I was looking at a cherry burst, but apparently it had been shipped wrong and was this honey burst in a box labelled as cherry burst.
Even better for me as the honey burst is the colour Slash's signature LP is based on.

I love this guitar!
It's a no frills LP. No weight relief. No Fancy electronics. The neck isn't too thick or too thin.

The only problem now is that I still want a cherry burst to go with this 😁


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Replaced the white with a gold pick guard and truss cover.
Not sure how vintage it looks, but definitely looks more special!

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