Get Shorty (Sky) Season 3 TV Show Review & Comments


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Was lucky enough to communicate with the actress that plays Amara on Twitter.

I said you play on scary character lol

Quality show.


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Really enjoyed all three series and of course it's let open for hopefully a 4th series.


The show really needs lots more reviews like your's, Cas, to garner it the attention it deserves.
This third run is on form and although darker throughout, makes for a thrill ride with enough smiles and knowing winces to carry it along apace.
However, I do wonder where the loss of a significant other will take things for Mr Hapless? Hopefully, not simply back to square one.

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This is the nearest show to Breaking Bad I've seen. The characters, story, music and cinematography all remind me of Breaking Bad. In addition to 3 Breaking Bad actors having small parts. Love it.


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I did not realise anyone else watched this great show in the UK lol! Good to see it get a good review on this site. A character driven show with a superb turn by O'Dowd, who has created such an intimidating character ( surprising based on his past roles). The show has not dipped in quality over three seasons, and is highly recommended.


Loved the first two series but yet to start the third. Amara is scary that's for sure. O'Dowd is seriously watchable.

GT One

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I enjoyed season 1 especially Chris O'Dowd, also Ray Romano showed his versatility as an actor too, his role obviously borrowing from some personal experiences dealing with producers and Hollywood elites. The end title music was good too it helped give a quality feel to the show.
Season 2 was not quite as satisfying, as you knew pretty much what to expect as the story arc was taking a predictable course, which is the American way when you are developing a 4 to 5 season show.
I haven't seen season 3 yet, so I shall have to anticipate it will maintain enough quality and production consistency to want to watch season 4.
My rating for season 1 which I enjoyed the most is 8 out of 10.

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