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Get Fit With Mel B (Kinect only - November 26th)


Distinguished Member
Cant help but hear THIS Mel B giving out instructions in my head.

Mel B is a definite BOBFOC


Distinguished Member
all the exercise and she'll be kicking out a right pong ! OOh crab paste !!! lol


Prominent Member
It's quite an impressive projection of the player into the game. However, it looks a bit boring! Surely the whole point of a fitness game on a console is to make getting fit fun?

I'm hoping that something along the lines of Kinect Sports comes out that will include a whole fitness tracking package, like that found in Sports Active and the like. I ached so much after playing on Kinect Sports for a couple of hours - it must be good for getting fit. It would be great to know how many calories are being burned etc!


Distinguished Member
Love to get fit with Mel B :devil:


Distinguished Member
anyone got this yet ?


Established Member
Mrs tried it this afternoon - worked ok, but it had some issues tracking the floor exercises. Content wise it seems a bit dull, nothing really interactive like smashing the blocks on Fitness Evolved - overall it felt like an exercise video, but with some tracking to detect how many reps you've done.


Established Member
Ahhh so admit it, who clicked this thread thinking they would be the first to post a witty Bo Selecta remark, only to find people got there first :thumbsdow

It wont stop me though, CRAB PASTE, OOOOOOOOOOOO


Distinguished Member
i take it that this is one to avoid then ? seeing how good ysfe is and biggest loser is decent and only 13 quid, pretty much makes this a pointless exercise ! no pun intended !! be great if there was an unlockable bo selecta mel though :rotfl:

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