German Market Birmingham Tonight


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signs said:
Anybody else going or has been ? I hear it's gets rammed on a Saturday

Went on Tuesday, it was rammed.

It's always busy but worth it, gets bigger every year.


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Walked through it from the ICC on the way to Selfridges on Tuesday.

Lots of places selling trinkets & tat but it looked like plenty of people were into that sort of thing, only things that I forked out cash for were some chocolate covered marshmallows and good helping of Glühwein :D


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I went on the first Saturday it was open, and it was not an enjoyable experience at all! It was so packed it was literally just a tightly knit mob of people being forced along shoulder to shoulder, even stopping to look at any stall was taking your life into your own hands. Maybe it was because it was the first opening weekend, but I do not recommend going on a Saturday.

Managed to get there last Thursday and it was a much nicer experience all together. They have a nice variety of stalls to suit everyone and walking around made me hungry with all the lovely food stalls they had. If you walk to the very end (past the library and through that arcade part) they even have a mini fairground at the top!


I went on a Sunday afternoon. Rammed.


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I haven't been this year but I've visited it a few times in the past. I always go for a weekday visit now after having a hellish Saturday afternoon there a few years back trying to navigate round it with a pregnant wife and a pushchair.

There is some great food and drink there, particularly the beers, pretzels and hotdogs :)


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i went to one in Manchester a few years ago that was huge compared to the birmingham one back then too


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I went into town last night and I was surprised at how quiet New Street was.

The bars were busy but I was expecting to fight my way past the crowds to get towards Broad St. But it was surprisingly quiet.

Still, managed to hit the Briar Rose, the Wetherpoons in Paradise Forum and then the Tap & Spile. Curry on Stoney Lane and a very sore head this morning.

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