German board games heading to Arcade(Catan/Carcassonne etc.)


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Don't know about anyone else but I'm mega chuffed at this news, I always said Catan would be a fantastic game for Live Arcade, I even emailed M$ suggesting it a while back.

In addition, with more and more gamers enjoying the growing number of games on Xbox Live Arcade every day, Microsoft is giving gamers a splash of global influence with the forthcoming release of three board-game-inspired titles from Europe. “Settlers of Catan™,” “Carcassonne™” and “Alhambra™” are set to bring the classic board games to the high-definition screen on Xbox Live Arcade via Xbox Live Marketplace.
For those who've played Catan or Carcassonne I'm sure you'll be pretty excited at the prosepect of playing these games over Live too. For those that haven't, don't dismiss them too early just because of there board game roots, these games are classics!


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The more the better.

I want Pachisi or Risk and possibly Scrabble.

Even a few multiplayer, gameshow type games would be cool.
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