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i've got a sony kd32dx200 and have noticed the picture bows in two places. it's not noticeable unless i call up the sky programme list or change channels. i've already changed the tv once and it has made a little difference. but it's still far from perfect.
the sony centre have agreed to get an engineer to look at it and sony's technical dept have said it should be improved by tweaking something called the vertical pin alignment. forgive my ignorance, but i'm not sure what this does or how it affects the horizontal geometry.
what i want to know realistic should i be. i know this is a common problem but can it be solved to an acceptable level? i'm not expecting it to be perfect but surely the lines shouldn't bow in two places.
any views are welcome.

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As you may have guessed, perfect geometery on CRT 32" or 36" widescreen especially, is very, very difficult to achieve. It's not impossible of course to obtain a picture that is near perfect, but to get everything spot on is very very difficult.

You say the picture "bows" in two places and is noticeable when you call the sky listings up? When you say "bows" how bad is this? Where are the bows situated - ie middle of screen/side etc..

Don't know much about the vertical pin adjustment in the service menu I'm afraid - this may well correct the problem to a level that you may find more acceptable though ..

I have a 32" CRT - Sony CS70 which yes, bows a little at the sides, but it really is not noticeable at all....

Hope you get it sorted out, as when you spot these things, you are then forever looking for the bows in the picture. As I say, depends how bad the bows actually are ....


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