Geometary problems on Tosh?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by DPS, Jul 10, 2001.

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    Just purchased a Tosh 32z17b from and I think I may be experiencing geomatary problems but am unsure as this is all new to me.Basically when playing NTSC discs the sides of the screen becomes distorted slightly like a sort of fingerprint pattern is this a geomatary problem.PAL discs seem fine but when you closer examine the tv Im sure the same pattern is evident with some PAL discs but no way as clear as NTSC.I know this is a common problem as its described in other links so will any other 32inch tv be any different.Do I simply just purchase R2 discs, my dvd collection is only just beginning and only consists of three R1 discs as opposed to the majority of my R2.Has this problem stopped many dvd buyers from purchasing R1 discs?
    Ive also noticed that when I turn the tosh to av1 and play a dvd ,if i pause the disc and turn up the volume I can faintly still hear the tv reception which I was previously watching before I switched to av1 coming through the tv speakers.It cannot be the scart lead as its fully sheilded this also happened with my previous 4.3 set is this normal as the volume setting has to be higher than usual to hear this effect.
    Since I bought this online if I decide to return the tv will I encounter any problems with wanting to exchange it due to unsatisfactory performance I received the tv on the 6/7/01.
    Any views would be very welcome and many thanks in advance.
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    To be honest these problems are very minor, and I think you will get some problems with any w/s TV. It does not sound like geometry, as this would affect all sources, including normal TV.

    However if the problems are annoying you get QED to send out an engineer. If they cannot fix it get a refund/replacement.

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