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Just been announce actor Geoffrey Palmer has died age 93, best known for comedy roles.
He was the husband of Wendy Craig in Butterflies, and just before that had a recurring role in The Fall and Rise of Reginal Perrin as as Jimmy Reginal brother in law, who was always popping round saying there been a cock up on the catering front.
He was Lionel in the long running comedy As Time Goes By and even made it into a Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.

R.I.P. Geoffrey




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Some of his film appearances.
Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 13.58.51.png


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Sad news. I was only thinking about him the other week and how old he was after seeing a clip of Reginald Perrin.

RIP. Was a true TV legend.


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A truly excellent actor. He was never less than good.
He could play against type as he did in a particularly nasty episode of inspector morse
But for me it's Uncle Jimmy that stands out. First he played the eccentric character in Perrin and then followed up in the tremendous fairly secret army. I can highly recommend FSA.
A great career from a memorable actor. Thank you Sir.


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As mentioned on the first post he also starred in the Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" released in 1997 (cripes 23 years ago :eek:) as Admiral Roebuck with Judie Dench. Whilst it's a good age it's still very sad, R.I.P.


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Part of my sad.
Rip fella.....

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