Genos to Show Off Cyclops Universal Remote at CES2011


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GenosTV, the first IPTV operator to utilize existing consumer broadband connections to deliver established television programming services to Internet-connected televisions and other consumer electronics devices, today announced that the company will be previewing working prototypes of its Cyclops Multifunction Universal Controller at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 7 – 11.

GenosTV also announced that the Cyclops development team has been working with a major international television manufacturer to integrate their requirements and control codes into the Cyclops firmware. GenosTV will also be meeting with other leading television manufacturers at CES to expand the universal control capability.

"We are seeing escalating interest in our Cyclops Controller from entertainment electronics manufacturers, as well as a flood of excitement from consumers, due to its unique design and multifunction capability –universal remote control, keyboard and mouse functionality," said GenosTV co-founder Mike West. "We are looking forward to getting Cyclops front and center with the other leading electronics manufacturers with Cyclops at CES. Cyclops is the perfect complement to the next generation of Internet-connected consumer electronic devices."

Well it's certainly got a unique appearance and there's no doubt, with the growth of Internet TV services, that it will make that side of things a tad easier than using a conventional TV remote but did it really have to be so big? Apparently it fits 'perfectly' between two hands. On the plus side, it's unlikely to get lost down the sofa.

Genos also plans to manufacture something similar for games consoles, although we can't think why.


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A separate control for games consoles :confused: Surely it'd be more logical to build the support in so that there is no need for a separate dongle as with Logitech because the PS3 uses bluetooth

Saying that, Logitech Harmony's top offerings utilise a display and only their cheaper models lack one. Will be interesting how this contrasts
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