Generic or official: batteries and handgrip??

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Hi all,

Thinking of investing in a hand grip for my 400D, and wondered whether anyone had any comments on whether I should be going down the official Canon route, or whether there were any good quality generic/3rd party brands out there??

Same comment for batteries as well - noticed some places in this month's Digital Photo selling Canon equivalent batteries for £9.99, whereas the official Canon ones are somewhat more...

Any comments most appreciated :thumbsup:


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Re Grips: Generally the Canon one is supposed to be very well made (as you'd expect), but I have a cheaper one off of ebay which has a timer built in for time lapse/delayed shutter photography which was about £50 (from one of the HK based sellers) and I've never had any problems with it. It also comes with the adaptor for 6AA batteries.

Re: Batteries
I fail to see ANY difference between the 3rd party and Canon ones and I have a couple of each. I've bought them from Cheekycroc (who ships from Jersey) for about £5 delivered each.


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Other brands to consider for batteries are Diamondback and Sterlingtek. Both recommended on a couple of forums.


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I use generic [but well named] batteries for the camera but as for grips it's official all the way. I'm sure carm's cheap grip knackered his 30D :( Not worth the few quid saving at the risk of your gear, I'd buy genuine Canon batteries if I could be 100% sure they would be genuine and not fakes, better a good known alternate than a dodgy fake.

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Thanks for all the comments guys....Cheekycroc does look a good option for the batteries....can get 2 x 400D batteries for about £10 delivered :clap:

Regarding hand grip I think I'll go down the official route.

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