Generic Legality Question about Vouchers and Codes


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I'd appreciate your comments or thoughts....

My wife has found a voucher code for a company that sells 'homewares' products. However, due to a glitch in the system it is doing silly discounts. She has gone through, added items to the cart, paid for the goods and they have been sent out.

The sellers computer system occasionally allows the voucher to perhaps be used in a way not initially intended.

I'm unsure as the to the standing legality of that trade. Ethically a bit iffy, but the wife is like, well, they are allowing this to occur...

As I see it. The seller has agreed a price ( albeit via an automated system ), we have paid for the items and they have shipped them. Contract done.


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I've chatted to wife and expressed my concerns... As far as I see it, a voucher code has been issued and that is the agreement. If by matter of chance or error the code / voucher can be used in error it is against the will or terms of the agreement. Thus wrong/illegal.

Can't 'shop' the wife, but have told her off.

It's not a small company and is a highly excessive markup market.
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