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I'm having an issue that has left me stumped, so I wanted to come to the experts. While my question involves a Sony KDL-75850C and a Denon AVR-X3500H, this is more of a general question. And let me add at the outset that I was struck by lightning several months ago. The Denon is new. The Sony has appeared fine and has not been replaced.

My cable box is plugged directly into the TV and the ARC HDMI goes from the TV to the AVR. For the past two years, this ARC functionality has worked fine. When I switch to Netflix (through the built-in Android TV), the Netflix audio has always played through the AVR. Similarly, when I turn on the Tuner (or any AVR setting), the presets appear on the screen and the radio plays over the AVR. Business as usual...

Now, as of last night, this has all changed for no apparent reason. With the AVR on (as usual), I turned on Netflix, and I could see Netflix, but the audio from the cable box kept playing (same w/ other onboard apps like HBOGo). Similarly, I turned on the Tuner and could see the presets on screen, but still had cable audio. I then turned off the AVR and the Netflix audio came out the TV speakers fine. (I have soft rebooted and unplugged the TV and AVR w/ no effect.)

Just now, I tested this again and have the same issue with Netflix, but even more perplexing, the Tuner now plays over my AVR (i.e. no cable audio). So now I'm REALLY confused. (I could have sworn when I tested the Tuner last night I was still getting cable audio, but it's possible I'm losing my mind and I'm not remembering that part correctly.)

I can't help but think there is some residual lightning damage to the TV, but I can't pinpoint what the problem could be. ARC appears to be working since it sends the cable audio to the AVR. And the onboard apps (e.g. Netflix) appear to be working since the Audio and Video work fine if I turn off the AVR. (Also, FWIW, the HDMI "sync" feature still works, so as I turn my TV on/off, the AVR turns on/off.)

Very grateful for any ideas anyone may have.
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