General suggestions on split brain amp usage


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Alright guys just thought id see what everyones thoughts are on this

Getting a new kitchen put in and finished a sweet new garden
By the back door in the kitchen an amp is going to be house i want to control two speakers in the kitchen and two speakers in the garden, bluetooth connectivity is a must anything else is really optional.

Would have to control the two speaker sets either independently or both at once from the same input, not necessily mutlizone although wouldnt rule that out

So far i have come up with using a Yamaha AS500 for the amp 2 x Qi acoustics 65 rock speakers in the garden and i have some B&W 601 Series 2 speakers I could reuse for inside, not sure if this will be putting too much strain on the amp? maybe something less powerfull for the inside speakers. And a QED uPlay Puck to cover the bluetooth input

any thoughts welcome

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