General queries - part one


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Does anyone know if the acoustic Energy Evo 3b speaker set comes with cable & connections? If so, are they any good?

I have the 3bs and a pioneer vsx-ax3 on order and am now thinking about cabling.

I am happy to pay for a good coax cable to connect the dvd player and the amp but beyond that I am reluctant to shell out massive amounts for speaker cable and connectors.

What would you consider a realistic price to pay to hook it all up?

I read the articles mentioned elsewhere on this forum and wonder of the scientific point of view (as opposed to the subjectivist one) is a minority one?

This is my first surround sound system so all comments would be appreciated.


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I got QED cable (silver and bronze) for the front and used very cheap power cable at the back and IMO there is no difference at all... But the power cable has 4 wires going through it. I used 2 for + and 2 for - . you can probably biwire with it too but my speakers are not birewireable so i havent tryed it
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