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I am willing to accept that this topic may have gone dead some time ago, but I might as well try my luck. Ever since the PSP came out, I was infatuated with it but never actually got around to purchasing one. Most recently, my desire for such a device was rekindled after playing Peace Walker, a high profile PSP release. Now, years later, my interest has shifted from owning a PSP to emulating with a PSP. I have found some guides on the topic, but none are notably comprehensive or understandable. I come here to ask for guidance on the subject. Below, I have compiled a list of some questions. If it isn't inconvenient, please answer as many as you feel comfortable with. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.
  • Which model PSP is the best for emulation?
  • Is there a retailer that you recommend for buying a PSP?
  • What game systems can the PSP reliably emulate?
  • Other than "bricking," what are some inherent risks?
  • Do you have any additional personal suggestions?
Once more, thank you for anything that you can contribute.


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I personally would go for the 2000 models but generally they are all good. I loved my 1000 white model and still do!

It doesn't really matter where you buy one from - as far as I know they are all hackable apart from the e1000 models.

The ps4 can do lots and I mean lots! Personal favourites for me are: gameboy, gb colour, master system, game gear, nes, snes, mega drive, mega cd! , n64, psx, mame, dosbox, scumm, bbc, amiga with amiga cd32. So many and lots more as well!

Apart from bricking there isn't any other risks. Key thing to do is to read up,ask questions, take time and you should be fine. The psp was my favourite handheld and a fantastic system. With all the other things you can do as well with plug in its very versatile!

Disclaimer : piracy is rubbish so own the games first off and then you can stick a copy on your psp!
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