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Oct 3, 2002
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I'm thinking about changing my Pioneer 515 DVD Player for a Toshiba SD220E. With my new television (32ZP18Q), will I notice a major difference if I connect through component video? Currently I connect my DVD player through S Video and Optical. I bought the Pioneer 515 in June 1999 but and assume that technology has came along leaps and bounds since then?

Does the Pioneer 515 have RGB out on the Scart? No mention of it on HCC website.
Hi new bloke!

I too was thinking of changing my 515 to a SD220E and like you was wondering how they might compare given the age of our Pioneers. I was worried given I paid over £500 for the 515 (in an age when there about 6 DVD's to choose from, (and then they were "flippers") that I might be making a mistake buying something for £135 that might not be as good. Well I picked up a Multi-region SD220E on the way home tonight (Richer sounds, London Bridge) and whilst I can't comment on the component connections I did notice a fairly big difference via S-Video.
I could see "jaggies" that I never got via the 515 but otherwise the picture was quite an improvement - which surprised me. Far sharper picture with a lot more detail, makes the 515 images look very soft. Very happy with it. Wait till you see the DVD setup menus for the player - a FAR cry from the 515's!

Your right to suspect (as did I) that 3 years in the world of DVD technology is a LONG time for things to progress and improve.

(Running mine via a Pro-V to an AE100-E for an 8ft screen.)
Thanks DAKS, I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to answer.

I when into the local branch of Sevenoaks this morning and bought IXOS Video Component Cables (1703-100) for 59.99 the guys says it's unbelievable the different between RGB scart and component.

Can't wait to get by DVD player, looking like Tuesday or Wednesday, chose the economical courier route as I'm not in a hurry.

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