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Hi All,

I have recently installed the below system:

TH 37PW5, HK 506LE (PS via supra component cables), SKY + (SQUART RGB to JS Tech VGA Converter), with my trusty Pioneer VSA E07 amp and Kef 2001.5 speakers.

I get a mild lip sync delay with Sky +, and on DVD it can vary between barely noticable to very irritating.

Do I have any option but to upgrade my amp to one with digital delay? Are there any seperate devices available? What would be the best value amp available for under 600 notes with this facility?

Does nobody else suffer from these issues, or have you learned to ignore it?

Thanks in advance.



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I find it intolerable.

My amp doesn't have master audio delay but I do have a Vigatec WAVE which does the job. Not cheap though even now that they are coming down in price.

Something cheaper & newer is in the pipeline check here

Probably the cheapest AV amp/receiver to offer master audio delay is the Denon 3803


i know its no the answer your looking for but you could get the new iscan hd and cure your audio delay problems and get a better picture at the same time.

i use the denon 3803 for audio delay


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Have you tried adjusting the time delay for your centre speaker ??? You should have an option on your amp for this...

This is sometimes a cheap and dirty way of making it less noticeable - not perfect, but can help a little :smashin:



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I don't watch any TV but do notice it from time-to-time on DVD's but it seems to only be certain titles and only at certain times so I suspect it may be to do with the way the DVD is encoded/compressed and/or when it's playing the second layer or something - hence even if I had something to introduce a delay I would have to keep fiddling with the settings when I notice the problem so I have not bothered to try and solve the issue.

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