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I just bought an 43" LG TV (43UP75006LF) and I'm returning it to buy a 50" Samsung TV instead (I previously had a Samsung TV which I was happy with until I smashed it).
Overall the LG is impressive, but: -
a) the backlight uniformity is good but not great - I want the best backlight uniformity if I'm going for a non-OLED/QLED display.
b) the OS is over-engineed. Just to change brightness/contrast requires going 4 levels deep into the menu. Life is too short for this.
c) poor upscaling. when upscaling SD or 720p cable it looks horrid, with jagged text on news channels etc. Samsung was brilliant at this in comparison!
d) won't let me record to my sandisk 128gb flash drive - says not an acceptable device for whatever reason.
e) horrible decision to not adjust UI overlays when you reduce the brightness/contrast. This means subtitle overlays are glaringly bright in streaming apps when I turn down the brightness at night.

Point E is the stupidest thing ever, and is the primary reason for returning the LG and going back to Samsung.

Anyway, my question is about bluetooth on Samsung TVs in general.

I was really happy with bluetooth on the LG, it went down to very low volume on my earphones (I have bad tinnitus so I'm weary of loud headphone volume) which I was pleased with.

Is it also the case with Samsung TVs?

Also, the LG did not allow adjusting the equalizer when in bluetooth mode. On Samsung TVs with an equalizer, does it allow adjusting the equalizer when in bluetooth mode?
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To answer my own question (for googlers), it does go down to a non-deafening low volume (depending on the headset being used) but not quite as quiet as the LG. Also like LG, it does not allow using the equalizer when connected via bluetooth.

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