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Good morning,

I have just bought my first 4K TV and today I run a 4.1 system ( centre channel omitted so routed through the stereo fronts) sounds great. I use an TAGAV32R and separate power amps. I am considering moving to a newer AV AMP slimline - perhaps Marantz NR1510 or similar . I would be grateful for help with 2 questions:-

1. Do modern AV Amps as a matter of course allow channels to be switched off ( eg the centre channel to be removed in favour of the fronts...) I couldn't find this in the Marantz online manual
2. 4K and HDMI what advantage is there from connecting my SKY Q and Blu Ray ( not 4K) direct into the AV AMP rather than into the TV..

Thank you folks


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If there's no center speaker present in a setup then the AV receiver will automatically reroute the centre channel to the front left and right speakers and create a phantom center speaker. You can simply omit the speaker and run the auto calibration or simply remove it from your setups settings in order to facilitate this. The center speaker isn't a strict requirement.

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There's also this related article sourced off board:

In terms of connecting sources to the AV receiver as opposed to the TV, going via the AV receiver makes it easier to change sources as well as allowing the AV receiver to also mix its own onscreen graphics into the video going through it and out to the TV. You may also experience difficulties conveying fsome audio formats through a TV and out to an AV receiver. You'd want at least eARC onboard both the TV and the AV receiver, but even this will not help if the TV manufacturer doesn't support a particular format. Many TV manufacturers have started to not include support for DTS formats so you'd be unable to pass DTS formatted audio, DTS-HD or DTS:X through a TV and out to an AV receiver. even if using eARC.
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In case you're interested, with my x4400, you can run Audyssey setup with a centre speaker then if you go in speaker setup and change centre speaker to "none" it does not require a new Audyssey run, it just puts centre channel into the front speakers (that are EQed).

I suspect the Marantz would be the same.

I say this because with changes to most of the speaker setup options, it cancels Audyssey (you need to rerun).


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Thank you guys, I am sold on the no centre concept , my learning is that if you have very good stereo speakers unless you have an equivalent and matched centre you are definately better off without. So i will proceed and buy a new small av receiver. Thanks again...

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