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If one were to download a PSP game or film could this be loaded straight onto a totally unmodified official PSP running official firmware v5.50? I guess the same question applies to other apps, utilities and such like. I often see lots of customized stuff on the net which looks great but I think a lot of it will only run on cfw. Are gamers who download games for example simply d/ling ISO files and copying them to an ISO folder at the root of their PSP or are they doing more jiggery pokery than this? If they are doing this, is the version of the game they download specific to the firmware they run?

Btw.. I have just adopted my sons PSP given he hardly uses it and hasn't since we bought him it a couple of years ago. What great fun it is! I had played games on it before but now I have properly looked at it I decided to buy a 4GB data stick because he still had the 32mg one it came with. As soon as I installed this we could of course copy over music and photos which is great (its going to be great for when we go camping!). Internet is working well, though still finding out about sites formatted for pda screen sizes... would love to do more so hoping someone can drop me a line. Of course I could read the plethora of forums out their on psp stuff but all this cfw stuff is clouding the picture.

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