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It's coming up to payday and therefore time to buy a sub for the amp and speakers I bought last month :D

One of the problems I am having to working out what will connect with my Arcam Delta 290 amp :confused:

There is a picture of the Arcam 290 outputs on the above link. As you can see, it uses the open ended cables. The amp does not have an amplifier connection (believe it may be called a 'line/sub out').

At the moment, my speakers are connected to speaker 1 left and right and I have speaker 2 left and right remaining. I am looking at the MS390i but it has left and right line-in inputs :rolleyes: Is it possible for me to connect to that?

I have had a look at the FAQs and doesn't include anything on this as far as I can see so any help would be great.

Also for buyer advice, if anyone can advise on the following that would be amazing:

Mission M3aS - £200 from Superfi
Mordaunt Short 309i - Around £215

Thanks all :thumbsup:

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For £200 the BK Gemini will out perform both of those subs. Also it has both high level and low level connectivity. What this means is that you can connect it via your speaker outputs, or via a dedicated sub pre-out. I cant tell from your picture if your amp has one of these or not, but with the Gemini it wont matter as it can use both methods.
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