Genelec in-wall to on-wall conversion for good WAF


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Worth starting this thread by refering to how good these in walls are:

So on finding out how good they were, I thought I'd accelerate the use of them (they're going to be surrounds after an extension we're planning) by using them as fronts for a while.

Only the left and right for now, since my Mrs is used to having our AV cabinet under the TV which holds the centre speaker. Probably wise as it'd mean really getting to grips with RF extenders and/or iRule if I move the kit to another room...

So I decided I'd probably never want to lose 10cm of room to a false wall to mount these in. So set about creating a frame and covering them so they can be wall mounted.











All done with a quick trip to Wickes for timber, paint, a staple gun, some screws, a fine saw, a set square and a mitre box.

Lesson learnt wa you need to pre drill wholes for the screws! I heard it cracking on the first one and managed to save it.

these guys have more colours but are more expensive:
Speaker Grille CLoth

but I did a search on the product code and found these guys doing the cloth for £5 not £25!
CT64-04 Acoustic Cloth

Now the Mrs gets the idea that it doesn't look naff, she's now willing to discuss colour. So whilst this is in silver, she wants the rest and this one done in Taupe. I don't mind too much, I knew it would take a mock up to get her to discuss it properly.


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one more 'cause you can't have more than 10 per post

PS above I'd done some mock ups as I went with net curtain material.

I also had to remember to attach the speaker cable before covering. The speaker can be pushed in and out (I used during the construction to ensure right angles and the correct fit), but I'd rather not and the speaker binding post, face forward.

I also removed the serial number sticker from the front in case it was visible through the cloth. You need the serial number to match the amp to each speaker as they are factory calibrated together. So I created a label for the back.

And finally a couple of these to mount it to the wall:

That's what the 2 noggins in the top corners are for, to give the width needed to hold these brackets.
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I've made 4 more. Not to sure on the silver. Certainly won't make it to the living room without a new cover, when the 4 go up as surrounds.

They look a pretty naff on the office desk. White gennie 8020's look better, but these sound so great I can't bare to have them in storage whilst we wait for the extension...

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