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Gemni Set Up Advice please


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Hi there

Am wondering if someone can help me in laymans terms. I am sure that this subjects been covered extensively before but in very simple terms I am wondering if you can tell me if I am on the right lines.

My father's just bought a NAD Viso5, Orb satellites and a BK Gemini. And tasked my with the installation - But I am not happy with the sub sound just yet and not sure that I entirely understand what I am doing :lease:

1. Have set the speaker size to mini on the NAD, which gives a crossover of 120hz
2. have Bypassed the crossover on the Gemini (linked through Low level only), so the amp is controlling this.
3. Phase set to zero.

My question is around the HFE gain and the LFE gain knobs. In very simplistic terms, can you tell my firstly what these do and secondly how I should position them to try and blend the sub a little better with the speakers.

Thanks so much!:clap:


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High level gain - Turned fully anti-clockwise (7 o'clock) - Not important unless using hi-level connection to stereo amp
High level freq - Turned fully anti-clockwise (7 o'clock) - Not important unless using hi-level connection to stereo amp

Low Level freq - Turned fully clockwise into click position [LFE] (5 o'clock).
Phase - Turned fully anti-clockwise (7 o'clock)..... Adjust to tune sub if using SPL meter and REW software.

Low level gain - Start at ~10-12 o'clock position and adjust to get the correct / most enjoyable level (need SPL meter + REW for correct level matching with speakers).

Have a play with the lo level gain to vary the volume, but around 12 o'clock is normally enough. Leave the low level freq at LFE (fully cockwise), which will let the amp control the crossover.

Enjoy :thumbsup:


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Thanks Ad - I'll have a dabble later on.

What to the "Gain" controls mean though?

Gain is essentially the volume control, and at 12 o'clock on teh gemini it should easily be loud enough, if not too loud.


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Basically the same thing, but you dont want you in amp setting over 0, ideally a slight minus figure, so adjust the sub gain so your amp in somewhere in this zone. Usually thats around the 50% gain region.

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