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Geforce 470 Faulty?


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Hi there,

Im looking for some advice on a MSI 470 Twin Frozr graphics card I have recently purchased. Since installing the card I have noticed some issues I am getting in games and playing Blu-Rays and not sure weather it is down to a faulty graphics card or a bad driver or something else.

Some of the problems I am getting at the moment include:

- Games crash for no reason back to desktop.

- Sometimes when I play a Blu-Ray I instantly get a BSOD and have to reboot, that is the same sometimes in a game.

- I appear to be getting alot of rendering problems in games, almost as if the graphics jump about or twitch from one place to another. I have found this happens alot in any game I play.

- Im also experiencing that sometimes when I play a game it all of a sudden slows down and is unplayable due to the amount of lag.

I have afterburner installed and all temperatures seem ok - I have not overclocked the card either. I have tried using the graphics drivers as supplied on the CD with the card and also the latest nvidia 260.99 drivers. It doesnt make no difference. I have also done a complete reinstall of windows to see if that helped but to no effect. I have also finally tried switching PCI-E slots. No difference.

I have attached 2 screenshots with this thread from Call of Duty 2 to show what I am getting in game. One is a normal shot, the other shows the graphical glitches I am getting where it is like the graphics jump about on screen - you can see the shadow has moved and also the door/doorframe. I dont know what else to try and wanted advice if anyone has any on fixing this before I RMA the card as that is my last resort.

My PC specs are as follows:

Corsair TX650W PS
IX38 Quad GT MB
8GB Corsair Dominator RAM
MSI GTX470 Twin Frozr
Intel Q6600 Processor overclocked to 3ghz (have tried at stock but no difference)
Running on Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Well I think it's probably a driver problem, what graphics card did you have previously? Have you tried DriverCleaner to clean out old drivers fully?

Edit, just noticed you've already done full Windows install so the above is irrelevant, is there another machine you can test it in?
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Unfortunately I do not have another system I can test it on. I have tried reinstalling drivers endlessly as that is what I thought it could be. But had no luck.


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Well you could also try a few different archived drivers off Nvidia's website.

Something else you can try to see and isolate if it is a faulty card is to underclock it using Afterburner, lower clock, shader and memory a good bit and apply. If the problems clear up it is likely a bad card.

You could also state which area you live in in case another forum goer can help with a machine to test in.

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