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Aug 28, 2005
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Finished the lounge recently with some ideas taken from other members and thought I'd upload some pics.

I've downgraded as I used to use a Sony HS10 projector, projecting into the bay window onto a screen which covered my plasma/kit. The plasma and kit used to be housed in a Stands Unique AV Rack. I wanted to move the kit out of the bay window, to make the window the main feature so had to re-arrange things as well as decorate.

Fireplace was removed and I toyed with the idea of wall mounting the screen but didn't want the hastle of recessing it into the wall so stuck with the ped stand. Walls (13ft high) were papered and painted using tips I gathered from these forums.

The equipment stand (Ikea) and layout have been nicked (not literally of course) from the fantastic 'Brogans' thread. The carpet was chucked out and the amazing floor underneath sanded/varnished.

Custom Anthony Gallos wall mounts were colour-coded to make them wife-friendly. Left unit houses my Sky HD, Toshiba HD-DVD and PS3. No plans for the right unit but I guess my wife will 'claim' it.

I haven't ran the calibration on the Denon 2807 as the room is a bit echoey, will do this once the rug arrives.

Overall I am very happy with the room.


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Looks great :) But why do you need to recess the plasma into the wall? To me that's the only thing I can think of which would improve the look of your system....getting it on the wall :thumbsup:

Very nice overall, and love the ikea racks :)
Great looking room gedo. :thumbsup: The mount for the Gallo looks nice and subtle.

Do you have any before pics?
haha you have the same problem as me, i have the same tv stand and wanted my amp inside it but wouldnt fit so its now on top
Thanks for the comments so far guys. I didn't want to wall mount the plasma as the panny PV500 has a large protrusion at the rear (the TV equiv of a Renault Megane). I think to get this flush or close to flush it would have to be mounted 'in' the wall, as has been done on various installs on this site.

This is effective but I think it limits changing the screen at a later date...especially when all the nice 50" ones start falling in price :rolleyes:

I have attached a couple more pictures, showing more of the room, which gives a better sense of scale.


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and here are a couple of 'before' pics....I didn't take any in-between shots as I had my hands full actually doing it !


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You have a stunning look room, what a transformation. :thumbsup:
I do love your floors mate, very nicely varnished.
The stands, are they the Oppli's?
I found a local guy who sanded the floor and applied 3 coats of varnish, over 3 days for a measily £260 !!! Money well spent me thinks. It was the only part of the renovation that I didn't tackle myself.

As for the stands, they are part of the Lack range from Ikea. Also a bargain @ approx £35 each.

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